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support programmes

Therapeutic programmes are professional healthcare programs that address the behavioural, social, individual and community trends that negatively impact the development of children.


Skills Programme

These programmes aim to break the negative trends and patterns experienced within the community  by providing the emotional and behavioural soft skills to allow our children to thrive and build a hopeful future.


Skills Programme

This programme aims to tackle the high rate of unemployed youth through providing necessary skills, experience, and networks that are needed to pave the road to future employment.


Skills Programme

Health and education are widely accepted as essential to a hopeful future. Our programmes provide the space, knowledge, support and information to give our children the confidence to embrace their academic future and health needs.

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109 Breda Street (Head Office)

Paarl 7646

Physical Address:

Cnr of Sunmaid and Rainbows End,

Fairyland, Daljosaphat

Postal Address:

PO Box 6130, Paarl 7620

Tel: (021) 872 4060

Emergency: 082 200 4221


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