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—   Supported Internship Programme to prepare our youth for the world of work


Students go on holiday internships to expose them to a variety of industries and jobs within the industry. Getting real on-the job training from industry professionals.


Information about career opportunities, career profiling and assessments are provided by the Butterfly House team. Guest speakers from the local area are invited weekly to share work experience, personal stories and advice.

LEARN practical & soft skills

Throughout the programme students learn practical skills such as writing an invoice, waiter training and stock taking. Students also learn the necessary soft skills identified for the world of work such as Accountability, Self-worth and Personal skills development.

Generate your own CV & References

Once our students complete the programme we will assist them in developing their very own CV with references from their internships. Providing proof of work and experience to their future employers. . 

Why Linkup?

At the end of 2017 it was recorded that 41.6% of South African youth between the ages 18-24 are currently NEETS (Not in employment, education or training).

2/3 of South African youth will drop out of school and only 13% of previously disadvantaged South African youth will be able to apply to higher education.

Resulting in a huge gap between education and employment.

*Traditional internship models and first-time employment often fail because of a lack of necessary trust, skills and support needed by disadvantaged youth. 


The unequal and poor quality of education

Education mismatch to future employment – research findings indicate that the key difficulty facing young work seekers is that South African employers favour skilled employees.

Lack of basic work experience – which provides an important proof of ability to employers

Weak employment social networks and references

A pervasive lack of self-worth and self-efficacy

= Linkup is designed to address these barriers

“By intervening at an early age we are able to provide our youth with the opportunity to learn and practice new skills, gaining a range of experiences - giving them the needed leg up to approach the world of world and first-time employment."

—   Butterfly House Team

What are
supported internships?

Structured study programme based at an employer and supported by a school /community centre equipping school going youth with the skills they need for work, through learning in the workplace. All psychosocial support, administration and organisation of the students is provided by the school/community centre.

*Model adapted British Department for Education - Supported Internship model of 2017

"I learnt about work hours and the many different roles and jobs at Woolworths. I learnt how to work a cashier system and how to pack shelves. I spoke to the lady who started as a shelf packer and is now a manager."

—  Gershwin, 17 years old

"Work is also about compromise, It does not all go about you and you must also think about others in the work place."

—  Zimkitha, 16 years old


109 Breda Street (Head Office)

Paarl 7646

Physical Address:

Cnr of Sunmaid and Rainbows End,

Fairyland, Daljosaphat

Postal Address:

PO Box 6130, Paarl 7620

Tel: (021) 872 4060

Emergency: 082 200 4221


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