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Butterfly House is a community resource, facilitating positive change in a vulnerable community, with a focus on children and families; to create a hopeful future.

Help us keep you and your

community safe.

We need your help to respond to the gap in our children's education 

Butterfly House Community centre

Butterfly House, our community resource centre, was built in Fairyland in 2008 (through the generous donation by Ivar Koteng and Paarl Round Table). Fairyland is a previous informal settlement, 10km outside of Paarl. The founding vision of Butterfly House was to address and expand the holistic care practices provided by Drakenstein Palliative Hospice (DPH).

Over 300 children registered from 2-18 are enrolled and participate in the Butterfly House programmes. 


A Safe Space

We provide daily meals from our kitchen, access to school stationery, personal hygiene needs and transport. We provide showers and hygiene facilities, homework spaces, facilitation and recreation spaces all in a safe environment.

Holistic Care

Our interdisciplinary health and wellness team (TAC: Team Around the Child) provide psychosocial and physical care and support for patients, vulnerable community children and their families, living with life threatening illness or life limiting conditions with an expectation of living.

Skills & Support


These are programs that create a supportive, safe learning environment where youth and children are exposed to and can experiment with skills to optimally manage academic demands, health care concerns, social relationships and the future world of work.


Butterfly House is situated in the Drakenstein Sub-District of the Western Cape Province.

 - 13.5% children will complete school

 - 22.2% unemployment

 - 38.4% of people are on social grants



= extreme levels of poverty resulting in family disintegration and hopelessness

Creating a hopeful future

Our pillars of change have been identified to overcome our community barriers. These pillars are used to guide our practice, develop our programs and evaluate our progress and outcomes.

Our programmes

Our programs wings are based on the Danish Youth School concept focusing on Academic Support, Professional Skills and Social Skills.  In response to the vulnerability of our community we have developed a Therapeutic Support program which is our unique speciality brought by the partnership with DPH.  


Marius AJ Barends

When Butterfly House was being built in 2008, Marius was always on the building site.  He was an 8 year old boy, eager to help, but very shy.  He was actively part of the programmes and has witnessed the changes and growth, received a cooked meal every day, in exchange for looking after the garden during school holidays we helped with his school uniform, he did his homework at Butterfly House and used the computer centre for projects.

In 2017 Marius was the head boy of his school.  This year he is in college and assisting with the programmes in the afternoons and evenings.  He is running his own group on a Wednesday and attends Butterfly House daily to assist the facilitators, receive a meal from the kitchen and pocket money. 


Now Marius is employed as a facilitator and studying to become a Social Auxiliary worker.  Marius is a Butterfly House star!    


—   Supported Internship Programme to prepare our youth for the world of work



109 Breda Street (Head Office)

Paarl 7646

Physical Address:

Cnr of Sunmaid and Rainbows End,

Fairyland, Daljosaphat

Postal Address:

PO Box 6130, Paarl 7620

Tel: (021) 872 4060

Emergency: 082 200 4221


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