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Finances & Accreditation

Quality Assurance

All children and youth are admitted to the programmes. A genogram is completed and signed with permission from parents or guardians. 

All school reports are gathered and assessed and a care plan created with support from the interdisciplinary team.


All programmes are pre-planned, documented and supervised by the social worker. A register is kept of all youth and children attending activities.


A reward system is in place for homework completion, taking responsibility or doing an act of kindness. These ‘rewards’ can be swopped for deodorant, sanitary wear, school stationery, underwear etc. at the Butterfly Shop, all assisting self-actualisation and enabling young people with ‘fitting in’.


An annual program survey is undertaken with programme participants to assess the appropriateness of the programmes and a youth café is arranged to get feedback.


Through the genogram programme family and community concerns are highlighted and referred to the DPH psychosocial department to manage either individually through therapeutic interventions or in group context.


Monthly statistics are collated, recorded and reported.


The staff attend two-weekly on-going training sessions and term, weekly and daily programme planning is done and recorded.


Programme and health and safety audits are done quarterly in line with COHSASA (Council of Health Services of South Africa) standards.

Registration Registration No Registration NPO 157-718 NPO 27/08/2015 NPC 2006/018395/08 08/06/2006

Educare C 13-645 20/06/2017

Afterschool C 13-646 20/6/2017

Section 21 Company: 18A Tax Exempt Donations BEE Social Economic Development Benefit Company

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109 Breda Street (Head Office)

Paarl 7646

Physical Address:

Cnr of Sunmaid and Rainbows End,

Fairyland, Daljosaphat

Postal Address:

PO Box 6130, Paarl 7620

Tel: (021) 872 4060

Emergency: 082 200 4221


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