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Hope in Action

Butterfly House is a community resource center that supports and provides care to vulnerable children living within the community of Fairyland and the surrounding area.  One of our main aims at Butterfly House is to create a safe space for children where they can grow and develop.  We also aim through our programs to create a hopeful future for children accessing our services. 

On 26 September 2019, the staff and children from Butterfly House as well as some of the community members participated in a peaceful march to make women and children aware of their rights to safety and to show compassion to those that have lost loved ones to abuse.  Our march was a true demonstration of “Hope in Action”.  Our children are often affected by abuse/acts of violence and through this march we want our children to know that we want a better future for them, one free of abuse.  We have taught them that they have the right to be cared for and the right not to be abused. 

With our actions, we hope that others can see how their action or interaction can affect women and children.  There is immense power that comes from standing in unity to create change.  Butterfly House staff and children united on this day to create change.  At Butterfly House we believe that one thing we need more than hope, is action because once we start to act, HOPE IS EVERYWHERE!

Learn more about how Butterfly House creates a hopeful future for our youth.

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